El Programa de Formación de la FC tiene como objetivos facilitar y promover la ampliación de estudios de licenciados universitarios así como la especialización y actualización de conocimientos de postgraduados, profesores, investigadores, artistas y profesionales procedentes de los países de América Latina miembros de la Comunidad Iberoamericana de Naciones y Portugal.

Para el curso académico 2018-2019 la actividad formativa de la FC se articula a través de seis modalidades de becas: postgrado, doctorado y estancias cortas postdoctorales, emprendimiento, movilidad de profesores brasileños, movilidad de profesores  portugueses y Programa del CESEDEN.

El número de becas y ayudas ofertadas en el Programa de Formación correspondiente a la convocatoria 2018-2019 asciende a 650, que se desglosan de la siguiente manera:

  • 378 becas de postgrado (361 becas de nueva convocatoria y 17 renovaciones de beca)
  • 135 becas de doctorado  (40 de nueva convocatoria y 95 renovaciones)
  • 60 becas de estancias cortas postdoctorales
  • 24 becas de Movilidad de profesores brasileños
  • 15 becas de Movilidad de Profesores portugueses
  • 2 becas de emprendimiento
  • 36 becas del Programa del CESEDEN

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario solicits applications for its MSc and PhD programs.  We have up to 15 fully funded positions available, and applicants from any country are welcome.

Our faculty members supervise research in a variety of areas:

Students normally start in September, in which case applications should be complete (including letters of reference and supplementary material) by February 15.  Applications received after this deadline will be reviewed as space permits.  We encourage applicants to apply for external scholarships they are eligible for.

Please contact with any questions you may have.

Our Master’s program is typically composed of four semesters (and 120 credit points) and builds off of the Bachelor’s program. During your Master’s studies, you may embark upon an individualized concentration in a specific topic of your choice.  The concentration can and should be designed by the student but a Faculty Mentor is available for consulting on the choice of coursework. Two profiles are offered for your concentration, building on the research strengths of the Institute of Mathematics.

Profile: Structures in Mathematics inspired by Physics

Profile: Mathematical Modelling and Data Analysis

These profiles ensure a consistent, steady, and research-oriented course plan each semester. Each of these profiles can cover the Master’s program requirements.

It is further possible to combine courses from both profiles or replace them by still other courses. The exact Master’s requirements are set in the study regulations for Master of Mathematics and general regulations (in German).

Entry into Program

The Master’s program can be entered in either Winter or Summer Semester.

Application and Matriculation

  • The Master’s program currently has no restrictions on admission.
  • The official language of the Master’s program is German. However, there are English language course offerings. You may thus apply without the required German language skills.
  • You can find information on eligibility and admission requirements, applying and registering as well as corresponding deadlines on the University website.
  • The admission requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or a comparable degree with substantial Mathematics coursework. The exact regulations are in the Master’s Eligibility Regulation (general part and admission requirements (in German)).

We are happy to answer any questions you may have at studienberatung(at) We’re looking forward to your application!

A flyer on the Bachelor’s and the Master’s Program is here.